Barker Woods Enrichment Center



AboutSixty years ago, educational opportunities for children with special needs in LaPorte County, Indiana did not exist. A group of dedicated and concerned parents formed an organization, secured a facility (on Michigan Boulevard) and began teaching skills and educating their children with disabilities.

The Parent Council for Children with Special Needs of La Porte County then left the original school on Michigan Boulevard and moved to a building on Willard Avenue but then, in the late 1950's, Mrs. Norton Barker donated five acres of land to the Parents Council on Cleveland Avenue where the current school is located.

Through a dedicated community effort, money was raised for the purpose of erecting a school for children with special needs in La Porte County. With the cooperation of many dedicated parents, labor unions, local suppliers and a very supportive community, the current building which houses Barker Woods Enrichment Center was completed and ready for use under the name, The Therapy Center.

For the following two decades, our center provided an environment of learning for children with special needs. The 1980's brought a change in the public law, which mandated that children with disabilities be incorporated into our public school system and in March of 1999, the decision was made to create a preschool/day care center for all children, those with special needs and those without. The Therapy Center was then renamed to its current title, Barker Woods Enrichment Center. It remains, however, dedicated to serving the needs of those special children but also welcomes all children for daycare and early education classes always dedicated to the foundation on which the center was built so many years ago.